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Working with a direct mail house like Accurate Mailing Services can make the job of mailing easier and cheaper for your business. But you’ll still have to participate in the process and there are a number of things you should be aware of.

A bulk mailing project requires the merging of several different processes. The mailing list, printing, postage and post office requirements must all be considered to fully take advantage of the available cost savings. This article will touch upon the high points of those areas and help you to have a successful direct mail campaign and an easier time working with Accurate Mailing or any mail house.

The best place to begin is with the mailing list. Your mailing list will have an impact on almost every part of your direct mail project. The cleaner your list is the smoother your project will flow through the system.  A good direct mail house can help you with that but it’s important that focus on your list before you get too deep into the other areas – especially budgeting. The printing quantity, the postage discounts, data enhancements and the marketing effectiveness are all affected by the quality of the mailing list.

If you’re supplying a list, send it to the direct mail house (Accurate Mailing) so that one of our data experts can  examine it for mailing suitability and remove duplicates. We’ll also standardize the addresses and sort it to the post office mailing standards. The  net mailing quantity will be used for estimating postage and other costs.

You can also mail to one of our quality mailing lists. A professional direct mail house will offer accurate mailing lists. We offer up-to-date consumer and business information at the lowest possible prices. Just request a Free Mailing List Report to see how many addresses are available in your marketing area.

At some point you’ll be considering the mail piece. Accurate prints the top three formats: Postcards, Flyers and Letters. If you’re on a tight budget, our Big Yellow Card program is effective in a variety of situations. We can discuss the mail piece anytime you wish. Our toll-free phone number is 877-433-9101.

With a mailing list and a mailing format decided upon, we can determine the pricing for your project. We’ll provide you with a complete written estimate, detailing the printing and mailing services with separate figures for the estimated postage. At this point you can decide whether or not to move forward with the project.

Remember that free list reports and instant estimates are available to you upon request. As always, when you have questions, please call us, toll-free at 1-877-433-9101.

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