In Direct Mail Marketing, Political Mail

Accurate Mailing Services prepares political mail in a special manner so that each candidate gets the highest priority available from the post office. The mail pieces for your political campaign are identified and logged in as such with the post office so that your mail will receive the special treatment.

There is a specific way in which a mail house should do the job in order for your political mail to be identified and documented when presented at the main Phoenix Post Office acceptance unit prior to entry into processing and distribution. One of those things is to attache a special red tag to each pre-sorted mail tray. Using a red Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing, aids in identification of of political campaign mailings.

First-Class Mail and Standard Mail entered entered by a registered political candidate, campaign committee or committee of a political party can be identified by using Tag 57 on the mailing containers. Use of Tag 57 with eligible campaign mailings is optional.

Mailings made by organizations other than those listed above, even if promoting or endorsing political candidates, referendums and so forth, are not classified as political campaign mailings and cannot use Tag 57.

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