Political Mail: Red Tag 57

Red Tag Political Mail

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Political Mail: Red Tag 57

 Like Email, political mail can be scheduled for delivery on the date that you want when it is processed as “red tag” mail. Red tag political mail is mail that receives special expedited handling by the USPS. The bulks of mail receive a red tag on the container, tray, or another form of storage, causing it to be treated as First Class mail. This cuts down processing time, allowing you to get mail delivered on your schedule.

There is a specific way in which a mail house should do the job in order for your political mail to be identified and documented when presented at the main Phoenix Post Office acceptance unit prior to entry into processing and distribution. One of those things is to attach a special red tag to each pre-sorted mail tray. Using a red Tag 57, Political Campaign Mailing, aids in the identification of political campaign mailings.

First-Class Mail and Standard Mail entered by a registered political candidate, campaign committee or committee of a political party can be identified by using Tag 57 on the mailing containers. Use of Tag 57 with eligible campaign mailings is optional.

Mailings made by organizations other than those listed above, even if promoting or endorsing political candidates, referendums and so forth, are not classified as political campaign mailings and cannot use Tag 57.

How can Accurate Mailing Services help you with red tag political mail?

We can help you create and distribute effective political mail without blowing your budget or alerting your competition.

With our many years of experience printing direct mail, we’re able to cut down expenses and pass the savings onto you. An example of this is gang printing, which involves using as much of a paper sheet as possible for larger or different projects, lowering the cost of production. We can implement this gang printing so that fewer materials are required to create your mail, and we’ll ensure you receive the bulk postage rate when it comes time to mail.

Our design services will make your mail stick out and catch the reader’s eye so that you can effectively share your message. We can help you choose graphics, implement proven design styles, and integrate any calls to action you desire.

Planning to send a last-minute mail to take down your competition? Deliver it the day before the election so that they don’t have a chance to respond.

Whether you’re planning to send 1000 or 20,000 pieces of mail, we can help you effectively reach your audience on your schedule.

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