uses direct mail advertising to generate sales

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Share on email, an online retailer of heath and personal care products, needed a way to stand above the competition. Having tried everything from TV to radio ads, they decided to try Direct Mail. Their sister site,, had already experienced increased sales from direct mail advertising and thought could see similar success.

Results were so promising that they decided to continue to keep mailing to their Manhattan neighbors – about 1 million mail pieces were sent.

Direct mail advertising has become “a core part of our marketing strategy” according to Teju Prabhakar, associate director of marketing for (now with ‘Handy’).

With over 180 million active websites, it’s hard to get noticed. That’s why you heard web companies advertising in traditional formats like radio and TV. And for many companies, direct mail advertising makes sense.

Direct mail advertising has the ability to target they type of customer that would be most likely to use your products or services. While online advertising can do that to a certain extent, direct mail has stronger demographic and geographic abilities. Call Accurate Mailing to see how direct mail could fit into your marketing plans. Toll-free: 877-602-433-9101 – Scottsdale AZ 85260


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