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small-quantity-mailingsSmall businesses often have small quantity mailings. They may consider that to be a disadvantage when it comes to using direct mail and a mailing service. That’s because many mailing services are looking to do big volume jobs and don’t want to be ‘bothered’ with the small quantity mailings. Sometimes their minimum order charge makes that obvious.

The other day a new client told me that another mailing company had actually said that they prefered not to do mailings that were less than 20,000 pieces and they priced those jobs accordingly. The client was glad to hear that Accurate Mailing Services didn’t have such a policy.

In reality, we welcome the many projects that we do for all types of businesses and we appreciate every job – big or small.

Small Mailers Can Get Big Impact
Many small business owners don’t realize that most of the direct mail techniques that large companies use are affordable at the lower quantities that they might need to mail. Response increasing upgrades like personalized letters, full color postcards and uniquely folded mail pieces are all available without significant increases in cost. And the same postage saving barcodes can be used for small quantity mailings. These advantages allow the mail from smaller companies to appear just as credible and professional looking as what the ‘big boys’ might be mailing. Direct mail is one area where small companies and larger ones can compete head-to-head on a level playing field. And Accurate is an equal opportunity mailing service provider.

The important thing is that your mailing, regardless of size, is processed affordably and in a timely manner. And while we can accommodate mailings of almost any quantity, we won’t set aside a small project in order to get the larger one out. Because behind every job that we do is a client that expects their mail to be delivered – regardless of the size of the project. And that’s what you can expect from Accurate Mailing Services.

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