Postal Regulations for Postcard Mailing

How to Correctly Mail a Postcard by USPS Regulations Postcard mailing is an inexpensive form of mail advertising with short and instant messages, large areas for visual graphics, that can come in [...]


Political Mail: Your Hidden Ace Card

Political Mail: Your Hidden Ace Card With political campaign mailers, you can continue to build support up until election day in August of 2018. You’ve already campaigned and spread the word, but [...]


Addressing Rules for Large, Flat Mail Pieces

The USPS has released new address standards for commercial flat mail. What is ‘Flat’ mail? Flat mail is a mail piece that is larger than 6.125 inches high or wider than 11.5 inches [...]


Mailing List Requirements – Move Update Standards

All bulk mailings using customer supplied lists now require a USPS-approved method for updating movers. There are a few options available.


Tabbing Rules for Self-mailer ‘Booklets’.

Mail pieces that are folded and bound now fall under the Booklet category. The post office has created new rules for Booklets that will affect those that mail these pieces.