Postcard Marketing & Accurate Mailing Services

Direct mail postcards are the most popular mail pieces sent without an envelope. The main advantage of sending a postcard is the postage rate – it is much lower than sending a letter.

A well-design postcard can be extremely effective and result in a positive return on investment.

Direct mail Postcards household response rate in 2017 was 5.1%, compared to: 

  •  0.6% email,
  • 0.6% paid search,
  • 0.2% online display,
  • 0.4% social media

This is the highest response rate the DMA has ever reported!

Full-Color Postcards 26¢ each!

Printing & Mailing

Why Postcards Work 

Mailed to an accurate mailing list, postcards get better results for most offers. That’s why you see so many of them in your own mailbox. That’s because it works!

Postcards are Cheap

Postcards don’t cost much to produce and print. You can design your own postcards and send them by First Class Mail for 1/3 less than other types of First Class mail. Currently, the First Class postage for postcards is 35 cents. Postcards are affordable, especially for small businesses. Postcards save also people’s time, your prospects time, to read and your time, to produce.

Postcards are Easy

Postcards aren’t a complicated business. You don’t need an extensive expertise to run your first postcard campaign. They are easy to write and design. Just don’t try to make a complete sales presentation. Postcards have a limited space, save it for only 2-3 major benefits of your product or service. Just enough to arouse desire within your clients to act.

Postcards are easy to print en masse. And it’s pretty simple to schedule later their mailings. It’s easier to track results because postcards are always seen by the recipients, so you won’t need to worry about the open rate.

Postcards are Versatile

Postcards can be adjusted to any kind of business, from small and local medical practice, real estate agency to multinational high tech company. You can send a postcard pursuing all kinds of business purposes: drive traffic to your website or foot-traffic to your store, generate leads or close sales, test a new market or remind about yourself to your old customers.

It’s always a good idea to send postcards whenever you have an occasion:

  • Promote and advertise products and services.
  • Announce an opening, an event, a representation.
  • Present a new series of work, a new facility, new options for your clients.
  • Express gratitude for having a good month, quarter or year.
  • Send holiday wishes for Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s day or Valentine’s Day.

Special Rates

With us, you can mail at commercial Bulk Mail rates without getting a mailing permit and without the hassle and expense of preparing your own mail. Let Accurate Mailing help you get your mail out fast and save money at the same time. You could save 70% on postage alone and an average of 50%  on your total mailing costs. And leave the stamp licking to the professionals.

Examples of some of the lowest Postage Rates:

  • Neighborhood Saturation: 15.7¢
  • Non-profit: 8¢
  • Bar Coded Zip Code: 23¢
  • Arizona: 25.4¢
  • National: 32¢
  • Little Yellow Postcards: 23¢ (*10,000 postcards including printing)
  • Full-Color Postcards 26¢ (*10,000 postcards including printing)

See the table with the pricing.

Create Your Own Postcard

Aren’t sure what to put on a postcard? Here are 5 critical elements to have on your postcard in order to generate leads and drive sales.

1. A Strong Headline

It is important to write a clear headline because 100% of your recipients will “read” the featured image, 80% will read the headline and only 5% will read the rest of your copy, depending on the value they perceived in the headline. The title must set clear expectations for the receiver– what is he/she is going to get out of reading it. Use simple words. Simplicity is the key to success!

2. List of Benefits

Briefly list the benefits of your products. A benefit is an outcome or a result that a user will hopefully experience by using your product, and the reason why he or she will buy. Make sure you don’t list features instead. Features address a common problem experienced by the customers. They are built and executed. Stick to the benefits, the user experience.

3. A Special Offer

Your offer is your incentive, that’s the motivation for your customers to take action right now. It could include a discount, a freebie, or something of high value. So, come up with something that would be considered of high value in your industry / your niche. The winning formula is high value + low cost (or even free).

4. A Great Picture

Endorse your offer with compelling visuals of what you are selling. Never underestimate the power of visual marketing. We, humans, are visual creatures, although we use words for communication. So, tell your story in one great picture.

5. A Powerful Call to Action

Close the deal with a powerful call to action. A call to action is a simple statement that lets your customers know what you want them to do next: make an appointment, call or order today.

How we can help

We’re a one-stop solution for any kind of direct mail projects.

Mailing Lists

We can help you define your business goals and your target audience and provide your accurate targeted mailing list, based on the profile of your audience.We compile mailing lists from a variety of sources, including corporate filings, public records, national directories, direct mail surveys, and multiple databases. All lists are up-to-date and meet and exceed both industry and post office standards.

Custom Postcard Design

We offer custom design services starting at $55 an hour. You just email or come in and discuss with the designer what you have in mind, then we work out a design until you are ready for production. The design files are set up to be print ready. Or we can send you a template and you can set up your artwork according to our guides to ensure it will be printed correctly.

Postcard Printing

We print almost anything you are looking for on almost any paper size and range. Also, we offer a range of color and mono print solutions for a wide range of printing devices. Variable data printing options are available for personalization.

And yes, you are a green company, we use mostly 10% recycled paper and all of the paper we use is sustainably sourced to prevent deforestation. Print Turnaround is typically 3-5 business days from when the job is submitted.

Postcard Mailing Services

We offer full-service mailing which means we oversee all of the mailing specs to make sure your mailing is up to USPS regulations, create any paperwork for the post office, and make sure all of the addressing, barcode, and indicia are set correctly.
Our postcard mailing services include:

  • Inkjet addressing (applied directly to the piece)
  • Stamping (bulk mail and non-profit stamps)
  • ‘Standard’ permit imprint (US Postage PAID)

Postcard Postage

We offer a range of tailored solutions for local and national postage. We deliver at standard postage, offering at a minimum, discounts. In many cases, we are able to reduce mailing costs by at least 50%. Our services include delivery to the post office and receipt of the confirmation documents.