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demographic mailing listA consumer demographic mailing list can be used to mail to those that are most likely to use your product or service. Let us identify the age, income and lifestyle indicators of your present customers and match those data points to those in our database. We’ll help you create a custom mailing list to reach prospects that have the highest potential of becoming your customer.

A targeted mailing list is often the most efficient method of finding new customers. Especially if proximity to your location is a primary motivator. In most cases, you’ll find that your present customers live or work near your location. Maybe a resident mailing list is all that you need. In other cases, the demographic makeup of a mailing list will be more important.  Then there are times when proximity and demographics are important.

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  • Reach individuals by their demographic make up and lifestyle
  • Identify those who are most likely to respond to your offers
  • Select by Age, Gender, Income, Presence of Children, Homeowner, Net Worth, Lifestyle, Hobbies, Pet Owners, Ethnicity and much more
  • Select areas as small as a single zip code or mail to the entire USA
  • Ideal for Financial Services, Insurance, Durable Goods, etc.

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Get demographic mailing list report of your neighborhood and discover how many potential customers are in your marketing area. The report is customized for your requirements and any location.

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