Mail Seniors Individually or by Community

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• Mail to seniors by their age, income or home value
• Select homeowners only or include apartments and condos
• Find neighborhoods with the highest percentages of seniors
• Identify seniors by their lifestyle, hobbies and interests
• Perfect for Assisted Living, Financial Planning and travel

As the Baby Boomer generation ages and some move into retirement , the senior market is set to explode.  Soon the boomers and their parents will comprise the largest elderly population in history. Companies are marketing to seniors because many retirees have money and the free time to spend it. Others are providing assisted living and other services to the parents of baby boomers . New products and services for seniors are introduced each year. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s just beginning.

If you market to seniors or are considering doing so, Accurate Mailing can put your offer directly into the hands of the people you’re looking for. With three databases and dozens of selections, we can help you target entire retirement communities or refine a list to individuals by age, home ownership, lifestyle, income and more.
Note: Sample mail piece may be required

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