Hail Mail to Hail Damaged Areas

hail-mail-damageRoofing and other contractors can use our hail mail services to reach the areas that were damaged by the recent hail storms. Quarter to golf ball sized hail pounded homes and cars with winds of more than 70 MPH. Virtually every home in the storm’s path needs a new roof – many require new air conditioning units and cars need to be repaired.

Our neighborhood marketing service can send your postcard or flyer directly to the homes and buildings that were most affected by the devastating storm. Or we can send word of your services to Independent Insurance Companies and Property Management Companies who are seeking help for the homes that they service.

If you are currently doing work in the affected area – we can get you more by using our hail mail services. Our storm-track mailing technology sends your offer to the surrounding neighborhoods – the closest homes to the job that you’re working on – where you’re most likely to get more business.

What’s more, we have further isolated the areas with shingle roofs (not tile) so you don’t waste your advertising dollars. Plus we can mail to neighborhoods where  air conditioning units are on roof – not on the side of the house.

The time to mail is now. Many homeowners don’t have experience with hail storms and they are just discovering that their roofs and air conditioners need to be replaced. Claim adjusters are scheduling inspections weeks out. Work will be abundant in the storm damaged area for at least a year – but you need to act now to compete for contracts and start scheduling your jobs.

Call Accurate Mailing to get started today. We can send your mailing into the storm area within a few days. Call toll-free 1-877-433-9101 or 602-433-9101. Or use the contact form below.

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