Contractors Use Hail Mail To Get Jobs

Accurate Mailing Services can respond quickly when you need to mail into a hail struck area. Just like we did when a freak hail storm hit Phoenix on October 5, 2010. We quickly referred to weather maps, hail spotting reports and satellite photography to identify the most heavily damaged areas in Phoenix. Roofing companies then used our mailing services to offer their services to the affected homeowners. And we can do that for most cities across the country.

In Phoenix, we took the research a step further by identifying areas of homes with certain types of roofs and air conditioning repair or replacement needs. It was quite an effort, but it’s paid off for us, the contractors who hire us and of course for the local residents who were in need of the services.

As far as we know, no other  mailer had the ability to strategically place mail as precisely as we did into known hail damaged areas.

Today our research, printing and mailing services are being used by contractors around the country. We help them to mail into the heavily hail damaged areas of any city. The feedback that we get from contractors is quite amazing. They tell us that our postcards stand out from the flood of boilerplate postcards that residents are receiving from other companies. But more than anything else, the secret to everybody’s success seems to be the accuracy of the mailing list.

Call Accurate Mailing Services, today. Ask about our yellow cards are full-color cards and our ability to mail precisely into the most heavily damaged storm areas.

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