Make a real-world impact with a low-budget  Postcard Campaign

The postcard is of the most common low-budget forms of mail, very effective, especially for prospecting campaigns and promotions. Simply put, postcards are an inexpensive form of mail advertising with immediate messages. Postcards include quick bits of information that entices people to buy your product or attend your event.

Accurate Mailing Services – Postcard Options

Accurate Mailing Services provides a variety of postcard sizes. The standard sizes for a postcard include:

  • 4.25” x 6” this postcard is the best choice for a large quantity mail drop. Perfect for real estate agents, home buyers, + more!
  • 5.5” x 8.5” this is a large postcard with plenty of room to share your message. Great for veterinarians, dentists, or churches!
  • 6 x 11” this is a very large piece with tons of room to display your message. Perfect for restaurants, real estate, and events!

We offer a total of 45 size options to meet your specific needs. Explore more ideas and templates.

Our Services

We can design, print, and mail your postcard all in-house!


We offer custom design services starting at $55 an hour. You just email or come in and discuss with the designer what you have in mind, then we work out a design until you are ready for production.  Or we can send you a template and you can set up your artwork according to our guides.


We have state of the art digital printers capable of printing almost anything you are looking for and from almost any paper size and range. We use mostly 10% recycled paper and all of the paper we use is sustainably sourced to prevent deforestation.


We offer full-service mailing which means we oversee all of the mailing specs to make sure your mailing is up to USPS regulations, create any paperwork for the post office, and make sure all of the addressing, barcode, and indicia are correctly set. We can even put together a target mailing list for you.

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