Getting Started With a Direct Mail House

Getting Started With a Direct Mail House Working with a direct mail house like Accurate Mailing Services can make the job of mailing easier and cheaper for your business. But you’ll still [...]

Catalogs or Postcards? 7 Ways to Use Direct Mail for Your Business

Direct mail works. From catalogs to postcards, there are a number of ways to use direct mail to reach your target customer. When you choose the right format for your business and target customer, [...]


Use Direct Mail to Keep Your Customers Happy

Use Direct Mail to Increase Your Customer Retention A low-cost direct mail program can help you accomplish your customer retention goal. Keeping your customer base loyal to your business is [...]


Is Accurate Mailing the postcard printer that’s not?

Last night I posted a little ditty about postcard marketing. Today I was working on new prices for our Big Yellow Card program (lowering them in case you’re interested) and a question came [...]