Terms & Conditions

Accurate Mailing Services (AMS) does not make any claims as to the expected response rates from direct mail advertising. Pricing is subject to receipt, inspection and processing of all components associated with your project. If required for job completion, additional processing or postage may be necessary resulting in additional charges. Sales tax and shipping charges not noted on estimates will be included on final invoice. Estimated postage is subject to USPS regulations and verification. Client is responsible for all postage including adjustments made by USPS acceptance clerks and miscalculations of estimated postage by AMS. AMS is not responsible for printed material that is supplied by client or client’s printer that does not meet Post Office Standards for discounted postage. Please check with AMS or the USPS office of Mailing Requirements before finalizing a printing order.

Verification of mailing and postage will be evidenced by applicable USPS Forms (Statement of Postage). A variance between the estimated and actual postage and handling amount will be reflected on a final invoice. Estimated postage must be paid before mail can be presented at Post Office. Prepayment of services required unless otherwise arranged through our credit application & approval process. Invoices are due upon receipt. Mailing lists are obtained from leading industry suppliers without expressed or implied warranty by AMS. Clients are encouraged to review and approve count reports to verify geographic accuracy before mailing. Requested Graphic Design services are billable and require a deposit. Cash refunds for over payments only.

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