Meet Accurate Mailing Services

As a Direct Mail Marketing Company, or sometimes called a mail house, we design, print, and mail for you. You can also provide your own material for us to mail. Following United States Postal Service, USPS, Guidelines, we make sure your mail is designed to comply with their standards. 

Accurate Mailing Services can also print labels, direct imprint on envelopes, as well as match letters and content to the envelope so all the pieces have the same individual’s name on them.

You can use all of our services, from designing to mailing and avoid mistakes that can occur when using multiple vendors. Or, we can work with your printer and your designer so that your mailing can be processed efficiently and to post office standards.

Close More Sales And Building Your Brand


We are recognized as a premier Direct Mail Marketing Company. It is highly recommended to use a professional mail house when you have over 200 pieces or when you have variable data. A mail House is cost effective vs using staff or volunteers because:

  • It requires a lot of time to organize and manage a complex bulk mail campaign.
  • Printing in-house can be expensive and time-consuming.
  • A professional mail house is less likely to make errors in collation (for instance, a letter gets placed into the wrong envelope).

We will make sure your direct mail campaign is successful by using:

  • Sophisticated technology and sorting automation systems (that also add barcodes), allowing the mailing to qualify for reduced postage prices.
  • Machines to fold, insert, seal, tab and sort mail. Completing all sorting by hand is a hard work.
  • knowledge and expertize acquired over a decade of direct mailing advertising.

Lastly, we own mailing permits with the USPS for sending mail at lower nonprofit rates!

Mail House


When it comes to mailing lists, accuracy is everything. That’s why we provide only top rated business, consumer, and residential mailing lists. Use our lists to reach families with children, high-income households, pet owners and specific types of businesses. Hundreds of data selection possibilities. Just call and ask us about the market you’re trying to target. Chances are – we have the list. Best of all, we’re priced lower and include more data fields than our competitors.

So, request a Free Marketing Report today. Discover how many persons or businesses are in your marketing area. Use it for marketing research, budgeting or just to satisfy your curiosity. Make a selection below to begin searching for businesses, consumers or neighborhood types. Then watch your email for the report. It’s free, easy to do and there’s no obligation. Now – what’s your market?

Our data is compiled from a variety of sources including corporate filings, public records, national directories, direct mail surveys, and multiple databases. All lists are up-to-date and meet or exceed both industry and post office standards. While no list is perfect, our data is as close to it as you will find.

Accurate Mailing Services is committed to providing the highest quality in mailing lists and sales leads. We offer discounted pricing and access to the worlds most trusted information; from industry leaders such as Experian, InfoUSA, Dunn & Bradstreet, Equifax and others.


We offer custom design services starting at $55 an hour. You just email or come in and discuss with the designer what you have in mind, then we work out a design until you are ready for production. The design files are set up to be print ready. Or we can send you a template and you can set up your artwork according to our guides to ensure it will print correctly.

We have state of the art digital printers capable of printing almost anything you are looking for and from almost any paper size and range. We use mostly 10% recycled paper and all of the paper we use is sustainably sourced to prevent deforestation. Print Turnaround is typically 3-5 business days from when the job is submitted but that does not include the estimation process and it may take longer if there are mailing lists that need to be purchased or special requests made.

We offer an array of colors and monoprint solutions from a wide range of printing devices. Variable data printing options are available for personalization. We’re a one-stop solution for many direct mail projects.

We offer full-service mailing which means we oversee all of the mailing specs to make sure your mailing is up to USPS regulations, create any paperwork for the post office, and make sure all of the addressing, barcode, and indicia are correctly set.
Our mailing and printing services include:

  • Folding (letters and self-mailing flyers)
  • Inserting (stuffing of envelopes)
  • Tabbing (wafer seals to keep mail closed)
  • Inkjet addressing (applied directly to the piece)
  • Stamping (bulk mail and non-profit stamps)
  • ‘Standard’ permit imprint (US Postage PAID)
  • Personalized letters (merge letters with variable data)

We offer a range of tailored solutions for local and national postage. We deliver at standard postage, offering at a minimum, discounts. In many cases, we are able to reduce mailing costs by at least 50%. Our services include delivery to the post office and receipt of the confirmation documents.

How It Works

Use direct mail to send your customers useful information and items including catalogs, discounts, calendars, postcards, samples or reminders that will help them to save time and money.

There are few steps to consider when developing a direct mail campaign with Accurate Mailing. Please call or contact us with any questions or if you would like to get started.

digital printing service

Step 1 - The Meeting

Begin with a thorough consultation. Over the telephone or in person we’ll discuss your ideas and goals, look at the budget, talk about mailing list options and develop a strategy for your direct mail marketing campaign.

Step 2 - The Proposal

After discussing and agreeing on how to proceed with your project, we’ll email a proposal to you. The proposal outlines the details of your direct mail campaign and payment options. With your OK, we’ll immediately begin working on your project.

Step 3 - The Design

You may use your own graphic designer or we’ll design your direct mailer for you – based on your supplied ad copy (verbiage). In 2-3 days you’ll receive a draft proof. Let us know about any changes or corrections that need to be made. We do not set limits on how many times you make reasonable changes or corrections.

Step 4 - Print and Mail

Within a few days, your direct mail campaign will be printed and mailed to your targeted mailing list. Normal turnaround is 5 or 6 working days following your sign off. Rush options are available. After your mailing goes out, we’ll send you the documentation from the post office as certification that your mailing was accepted.