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What is Direct Mail Postcard Marketing

1.What is Direct Mail Postcard Marketing?

Direct mail postcard marketing is like sending special notes to tell people about your business. Instead of using digital methods, you send physical postcards to potential customers through direct mail. These postcards can show your products, describe your services, or invite people to events. It’s a way to connect with people more personally.
Why Choose Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Services

2.Why Choose Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Services?

Choosing direct mail postcard marketing services is like having experts help you create and send these special notes. These services know how to design personalized postcards that grab people’s attention. You can determine who to send the postcards to with an accurate mailing list, ensuring they reach the right audience.

3.How Accurate Mailing Services Stand Out?

Accurate Mailing Services stands out because we make your postcards awesome. We don’t just help you with mailing lists and designs; we care for everything, making your business stand out effortlessly. We handle it all, whether it’s creative design or printing that follows the USPS rules. It’s like having a partner who can make your postcard campaign successful.

Direct Mail Postcard Marketing for Different Industries

Direct mail postcard marketing is a versatile marketing tool used in various industries to promote products, services, or events. Here are some examples of how different industries can benefit from direct mail postcard campaigns:


Real Estate

Real estate agents can use direct mail postcards for advertising properties for sale or rent, promoting open houses, or offering free market analyses to homeowners. Postcards can also be used to announce new real estate developments, showcase a real estate agent’s success, or send seasonal greetings to clients.



Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers can use direct mail postcards to announce new services, educate patients about health issues, promote wellness events, or send appointment reminders. Postcards can also be used to showcase positive patient reviews, announce new medical technologies, or offer special discounts to patients.



Retailers can use direct mail postcards to advertise sales, new product launches, store events, or special offers. Through our postcard direct mailing services, you can send birthday or anniversary coupons, announce store openings, or showcase customer testimonials.



Hotels, resorts, and restaurants can use direct mail postcards to promote special packages, announce new menus, offer service discounts, or invite customers to upcoming events. Postcards can also be used to showcase amenities, promote loyalty programs, or send holiday greetings to customers.



Non-profit organizations can use direct mail postcards to raise awareness about their mission, promote fundraising events, or thank donors for their support. Postcards can also be used to showcase the impact of donations, announce volunteer opportunities, or share success stories.


Service Industry

Various service businesses can use it to promote their services and attract new customers. For example, cleaning companies can offer discounts on their services, lawn care companies can advertise seasonal packages, and car repair shops can provide maintenance reminders or special discounts. Postcards help showcase expertise, build loyalty, and generate leads.



Direct mail postcards are effective for schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. Universities can promote programs and scholarships, tutoring centers offer test prep services, and language schools can highlight language proficiency benefits. Postcards help expand reach, increase enrollment, and provide valuable information to students and parents.

Direct mail postcard marketing can be a valuable tool for different industries to promote their products, services, or events and build brand awareness among their target audience.

Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Trends to Watch

At Accurate Mailing Services, we offer the following direct-mail postcard marketing service trends to elevate your campaigns and drive exceptional results:


Personalization and Customization

We integrate personalized elements like recipients’ names, preferences, or purchase histories. This creates a genuine connection, leading to higher engagement and response rates.


Variable Data Printing

Our advanced technology enables the dynamic printing of unique content on each postcard. We deliver targeted messages, offers, or visuals to individual recipients, driving personalized campaigns and increasing conversion and customer loyalty


Interactive Postcards

Our postcards feature interactive elements like pull tabs, scratch-offs, and flip panels. This creates an engaging and memorable experience for recipients, generating excitement and encouraging them to take action.


Sustainability and Eco-friendliness

We provide sustainable printing options, including using recycled paper and vegetable-based inks. This demonstrates our commitment to environmental responsibility and resonates with eco-conscious recipients.

Experience the power of these Direct mail postcard marketing trends at Accurate Mailing Services.

The Benefits of Direct Mail Postcard Marketing:

Here are some statistical benefits of direct mail postcard marketing :


High Response Rates

According to industry reports, direct mail postcards consistently achieve higher response rates than other marketing channels. Response rates for postcards can range from 5% to 9%, depending on the targeted audience and the campaign’s effectiveness.


Improved Return on Investment (ROI)

Direct mail postcards offer a favorable ROI. The Data & Marketing Association (DMA) reports that the average ROI for direct mail campaigns is around 15% to 17%, making it a cost-effective marketing strategy.


Tangible and Memorable

Postcards provide a physical and tangible presence in recipients’ mailboxes. Studies show that people tend to remember and retain information better when interacting with physical media, increasing the likelihood of your message being remembered and acted upon.


Targeted and Personalized

Direct mail postcards allow for precise targeting and personalization. With data-driven insights and variable data printing techniques, you can tailor your postcards to specific demographics or individual preferences, increasing relevance and engagement.


Increased Brand Awareness

You reinforce brand awareness and recognition by consistently reaching your target audience with well-designed postcards. A study by the USPS found that brand recall was higher for direct mail than digital advertising, indicating the long-lasting impact of postcards.


Trust and Credibility

When properly executed, direct mail postcards can build trust and credibility with recipients. Research shows that consumers perceive direct mail as more trustworthy and reliable than digital advertising, making it an effective tool for establishing and nurturing customer relationships.


Trackable and Measurable

Direct mail postcards can be tracked and measured using unique codes, personalized URLs, or dedicated phone numbers. This allows you to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns, optimize future efforts, and calculate the return on your marketing investment.

These statistical benefits demonstrate the effectiveness and value of direct mail postcard campaigns as a strategic marketing tool. You can drive meaningful results by leveraging the power of targeted messaging, tangible engagement, and trackable results for your business.

Full-Color Postcard Mailings

Full-color Postcard Mailings
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Choose from standard postcard sizes:

Full-color postcards from Accurate Mailing are beautifully printed with vibrant inks on extra heavy (14 points) card stock. We include full-color printing on both sides of your postcard, plus a glossy UV coating to make your offer look like a million bucks.


We make postcard marketing easy – from start to finish. And the price is right. We’re one of the lowest-priced postcard mailers in the country. Let us quote your next project, and we’ll prove it. Our estimate will include everything you need for a complete postcard mailing program, including the lowest possible postage rates. Internet Special starting at only 26¢ each!*


Based on printing and mailing a 4.25″ X 6″ full-color postcard to our specially sorted “Resident” mailing list. Optional design services are available.

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