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Direct Mailing List services

Using the right direct mailing list is an important first step in the process of any successful direct mail campaign. All too often it is the last consideration and that can be costly. Every aspect of a direct mail campaign revolves around the quality of the mailing list. Regardless if the mailing list is generated in-house or if it comes from an outside vendor.

Many clients are surprised at the different types of mailing lists that are available these days. While the press and certain advertisements have much to say about the protection of personal information, the fact is that almost any kind of mailing list is still available.

Frankly, the data that’s collected today offers direct mail marketers more data points and more selections than in the past. All the standard selections are certainly available. Like age, income, and gender. But now you can select creditworthiness and lifestyle options that make targeting a specific market so much easier. And that means a better response.

Direct Mailing Lists



Plus filters for sales volume, contacts, titles, and more.



Virtually unlimited selection criteria



Select single-family homes or apartments.

Accuracy Is Everything

When it comes to direct mailing lists, accuracy is everything. That’s why we provide only top rated business, consumer, and residential mailing lists. Use our lists to reach family with children, high-income households, pet owners and specific types of businesses. Hundreds of data selection possibilities. Just call and ask us about the market you’re trying to target. Chances are – we have the list. Best of all, we’re priced lower and include more data fields than our competitors.

So, request a Free Marketing Report today. Discover how many persons or businesses are in your marketing area. Use it for marketing research, budgeting or just to satisfy your curiosity. Make a selection below to begin searching for businesses, consumers or neighborhood types. Then watch your email for the report. It’s free, easy to do and there’s no obligation. Now – what’s your market?

Our data is compiled from a variety of sources including corporate filings, public records, national directories, direct mail surveys, and multiple databases. All lists are up-to-date and meet or exceed both industry and post office standards. While no list is perfect, our data is as close to it as you will find.

We are committed to providing the highest quality in mailing lists and sales leads. We offer discounted pricing and access to the worlds most trusted information; from industry leaders such as Experian, InfoUSA, Dunn & Bradstreet, Equifax and others.

Direct Mailing Lists

A bad mailing list can increase the cost of direct mail by a staggering amount. The costs of printing, processing, shipping, and postage increase if duplicate addresses are not found and eliminated from the outset. And if addresses are not verified for accuracy, many pieces may not be delivered at all. That’s why it’s important to use an accurate, up-to-date mailing list every time you mail. That’s where our list clean-up services come in.

Our mail house uses several mailing list clean-up and scrubbing technologies. Many are standard with every mailing that we process. We automatically remove duplicate records and standardize delivery addresses on any list that we mail. That would include a list that you might provide to us. Optionally we can compare your list to the National Change of Address database to comply with Move Update standards set by the post office.

We offer a wide variety of special services that may not be commonly found with other companies. Call us or submit a request below for more information. We’re Accurate Mailing – a different kind of Mail House!

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