Church Mailing Program

Raise Money for Your Church with Direct Mail

It's no secret that donations are the backbone of many churches and nonprofits. In the US alone, nearly $50 billion is donated to churches every year by individuals. Thanks to these generous donors, these facilities are able to stay open, hire staff, and support people who need it most. The more money that you are able to raise for your organization, the more good that you can do.

If you want to increase fundraising, you’ll need to reach potential donors. With our direct mail expertise and experience working with non-profits, we can help you develop a cost-effective church mailing plan that is sure to increase donations.

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Why Use Direct Mail for Your Church Mailings


Direct mail is one of the best ways to get your message in the hands of your target audience.

  • 98% of people checking mail daily, so you’re nearly guaranteed to have your mail handled.
  • 77% of people sort their mail right away
  • 60% of people reading their mail immediately after sorting it

Direct mail has been scientifically proven to elicit a more emotional response than any other form of contact due to the connection formed when holding a piece of mail in your hands. With our professional design services, your mail will be seen, remembered, and lead to more donations thanks to our experience in creating impactful mailers.

Planning Your Campaign

Information is one of the most important tools when planning a successful direct mail campaign. With our Free Marketing Report, create a demographic list to help you find the neighborhoods, streets, and even individuals that are most likely to donate. This will tell you where you should target with your church mailers.


When it comes to choosing targets for your mailers, you have two choices:

Targeted Mail – You can target specific people – previous donors, churchgoers, or other groups – with targeted mail. This involves developing a list of people who are likely to give to you, taking the results from our free marketing report.

EDDM – Alternatively, you can send out every door direct mail (EDDM) to attempt to get into the hands of as many people as possible. Thanks to our marketing report, you’ll know which specific area to target.

Equally as important as targeting the right audience is building the right mail piece. You want to create something that evokes emotion, convincing the reader to donate to your cause. Fortunately, we know how to tug on the heart strings.

Special Rates


As a non-profit, you are entitled to receive our special postage rates in addition to bulk mail rates. At $.11 per mailer, our non-profit rates make direct mail a cost-effective option to use for church mailings, donation letters, and more. However, setting up a direct mail campaign to receive these discounts can be hard for new mailers. There are post office regulations that need to be followed for you to be eligible. Fortunately, as a mail house, we’re experts when it comes to mailing rules and regulations, and we’ll make sure you receive the discounts.

If you’re looking for a way to personally reach out to potential donors or keep people up to date with events and activities for your church or non-profit, we are here to help. Our church mailing services can help you grow your donor base and increase fundraising by delivering your direct mail postcards or letters to the right people, in the most affordable way — ensuring you get the best results for your fundraising efforts.  Hire us to handle your bulk mail, and our discounts will pay for our service themselves!

Creating Your Church Mailing

For your church mailing campaign, you can choose between postcards, brochures, and letters to deliver your message. While postcards and brochures are more eye-catching and offer more creative options, we recommend a personalized letter for fundraising. Not sure how to personalize a church mailer? We’ll show you how.

Personalize your mailer. You want to personalize the mail because it changes the perspective of the donor from giving to an organization to giving to people. The goal is to build a connection with the reader so that they are more personally invested in the cause and more likely to donate. We’ll tailor your piece so that it sounds like you’re an old friend rather than a fundraiser.


Be concise. You’ll also want to be clear and concise, making it so that reading your letter isn’t a chore and clearly stating that you are looking for donations.

Ask a specific amount. When you ask for the donation, state a specific amount so that they don’t have to decide what the appropriate donation is, telling them what it will go towards to give their donation a purpose.

Using the correct format & verbiage can be the difference between receiving a check or a trip to the trash, so let our expert creative services help your mail shine.

Make it easy. Finally, if you want to increase fundraising, make it easy to donate! Almost half of the donations churches receive come from credit or debit cards online, with the remainder being cash donation or checks. Linking your website with a payment portal allows your donors to easily send in their donations, making them more likely to contribute.

Steps to a successful fundraising campaign

Here is a general overview of the steps involved in developing a successful church mailing campaign with Accurate Mailing.  Please call or contact us with any questions or if you would like to get started.

1. The Meeting – Begin with a thorough consultation. Over the telephone or in person we’ll discuss your ideas and goals, look at the budget, talk about mailing list options and develop a strategy for your church’s mailing program. Our goal is to make sure that your church mailing project goes perfectly, and this meeting helps to ensure everyone is on the same page to prevent any future problems.

2. The Proposal – After discussing and agreeing on how to proceed with your project, we’ll email a proposal to you. The proposal outlines the details of your postcard campaign and payment options. With your OK, we’ll immediately begin working on your project.

3. The Design – You may use your own graphic designer or we’ll design your mail pieces for you – based on your supplied ad copy (verbiage). In two or three days you’ll receive a draft proof. Let us know about any changes or corrections that need to be made. We do not set limits on how many times you make reasonable changes or corrections.

4. Print and Mail – Within a few days your customized church letters, brochures, or postcards will be printed and mailed to your targeted mailing list. Normal turnaround is 5 or 6 working days following your sign off. Rush options are available. After your mailing goes out, we’ll send you the documentation from the post office as certification that your mailing was accepted.

When it comes to fundraising for your church, a church mailing program offers a great opportunity to increase donations. At Accurate Mailing Services, our expert team can walk you through your church mailing campaign from start to finish. We offer design services, printing services, and bulk mailing services at a non-profit rate for as low as 11 cents per piece.