Saturation Residential Mailing List

Mail to Any Neighborhood in the USA

residential mailing listSend Full-Color Postcards to this list at commercial mail rates. Packages Include Consultation, Design, Printing, and Postage

  • Select residential mailing list by neighborhood areas using a radius, street boundaries or drive time to a location
  • Define the demographics of an area by average age, income, home value and more
  • Target apartments, single family homes or businesses
  • Use a residential mailing list to mail at the lowest saturation mailing postage rates
  • Ideal for churches and businesses that market to specific areas

Now you can send postcards, letters or flyers to neighborhoods that will be most responsive to your offer. Whether that’s a city block or an entire Zip Code, our saturation neighborhood list allows you to mail to any area at the lowest postage rates.

Free Residential Neighborhood Report

A great way to get started with a residential mailing list is to examine the areas that you want to mail into. A marketing report will break down that area by several demographic data points. Get a demographic snapshot of your neighborhood and discover how many potential customers are in your area. The report is customized for your requirements and any location that you choose. Indicates neighborhoods by age, home value, income and presence of children.

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