Free Direct Mail Campaign Consultation

Accurate Mailing Services provides you a free consultation for any direct mail campaign. You need results and we can help.
Common consultation questions to improve success for your campaign:

  • Mailing list
  • Graphic Design
  • Personalization
  • Clear Offer
  • Call to Action
  • Campaign Tracking

When we discuss your campaign, we first discuss the mailing list. Are you providing it? Would you like us to provide a targeted list by age, income, geography? How fresh is the list? What does your budget allow so we can determine the right quantity. If you plan on multiple campaigns to the same list then we discuss the design and offer with you.



Response rates are better when mail is personalized. Personlalization can mean several things so let’s discuss a few. The first and most common is to use a name in the direct mail piece. You have probably received a letter with your name on it as an example. Other forms go deeper into the data such as variable messages or images depending on triggers in the data. Changing photos, wording, colors, etc. are other forms of personalization to increase response rates and we do all these and more. from your campaign.


Clear offer.

This is one of the biggest discussion with new clients. Many clients are not familiar with what an offer is and how it is important in Direct Mail Campaigns. You have seen an offer in mail such as a discount, a BOGO (buy one get one free), no obligation consultation, etc. We discuss the best call to actions for your campaign goals.


Call to Action.

 The CTA (call to action) is something specifically created to motivate the recipient to take action now, not wait. By far the most common is a phone call such as “Call Now”. Other CTA’s can include an expiration date that is only 10 days or less. This also creates a sense of scarcity.


Campaign tracking.

 Campaign tracking is one of the least used tools in a direct mail campaign. How do you track a campaign? Sometimes it is a simple as requiring a recipient to physically bring in the mail piece to redeem the offer. When this application is used, it is simple to keep track of the mailpiece and count your your conversion rate. The additional benefit of requiring the physical mail piece is to collect the name and address of the customer. This information is very valuable for analytics of the successful conversions. Phone tracking is another way to help track conversions. With this application a vanity number is used that is specific to the direct mail campaign so when users call the number you collect valuable data as well as know the call was specifically

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