Save Money with Lower Postage Rates!

Mail at Bulk Rates and Save Money

Stop licking stamps and envelopes and start saving money with lower postage rates when you use our mail house. Let Accurate Mailing of Arizona send out your mail and Never Pay First Class Postage Rates Again!

Your business or organization can mail at commercial Bulk Mail rates without getting a permit and without the hassle and expense of preparing your own mail. Let Accurate Mailing help you get your mail out fast and save money at the same time. You could save 70% on postage alone and an average of 50%  on your total mailing costs. And leave the stamp licking to the professionals (see above).

Examples of some of the lowest Postage Rates:
Neighborhood Saturation: 15.7¢
Non-profit: 8¢
Bar Coded Zip Code: 23¢
Arizona: 25.4¢
National: 32¢

We are a full service mail house. That means that we do the tedious mail room work like sorting, folding, stuffing envelopes and printing the addresses. In exchange for using our services we’ll pass 100% of the postage savings back to you. In short, we do the work – you save the money. That’s what lower postage rates are all about. Why pay first-class rates if you can mail the same thing at a fraction of the cost?

Find out more about our mail house and about saving money with our Bulk Mailing Services . Call us now at 1-877-433-9101.

Accurate Mailing Services holds permits and is approved by the US Post Office to prepare Phoenix Bulk Mail.