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What is a mail house?

Is a mail house a super secret place built by crafty marketing engineers requiring strict security clearance to gain access? Sounds good but no.

More commonly called a letter shop or direct mail services company, a mail house is simply another way of referring to a company that prepares direct mail for submitting to the United States Post Office (USPS) to get lower postage rates.

Printing and mailing Postcards, newsletters, magazines, letters in envelopes, and whatever you need mailed are a few examples of services mail houses offer. We also welcome customers that have their own material pre-printed and need us to just prepare and mail it. Some mailing companies do not mail collateral if they do not print it but we do.

Some mail houses specialize in specific direct mail niches like postcards, some are more broad and laser print variable data letters and insert, or stuff, into envelopes, and others are full service all the way to fulfillment which is when the job requires a lot of labor or handwork. Accurate Mailing Services can also print labels, direct imprint on envelopes, match letters and content to the envelope so all the pieces have the same individual’s name on them.

Accurate Mailing Service is a direct mail marketing company so you can also call us a mail house. We can design, print, and mail for you or receive your pre printed material and mail it out. A common profit center for many direct mail marketing companies is helping customers find the right targeted mailing list. Targeted mailing lists can include:

  • Basic resident mailing lists where you want to target all addresses in a specific area. Often these mail pieces use the name as Resident with the address of the recipient but no individual name.
  • Resident lists with names (John Doe)
  • Consumer demographic lists where you can target basic demographic information like age, home type, income, and special interests like pet owners.
  • Business mailing lists that target companies by geography, industry type, income, number of employees and many other selects
  • New mover
  • New homeowner
  • Presence of children
  • … and many more!

So, a mail house is synonymous with Letter-shop, mailing company, or direct mail marketing company that takes your mail and properly prepares it for delivery to the USPS to save you postage.

In addition to producing the mail, often they sell mailing lists that can target your specific area by zip codes, age ranges, income, and other demographic selections.

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