Ad copy checklist for your direct mail

Ad copy checklist for your direct mail

So you’ve decided to write your own ad copy for your direct mail campaign. Maybe you’re the creative type or maybe you just want to tell the people what you have. But, more than likely, you’re doing it out of necessity. Somebody that writes ad copy generally charges a good fee and not every business can afford a professional copywriter. No problem.

Use the checklist below as a guide, read some ads that professionals have written, and you’ll come up with a great ad in no time at all. Take a minute to go over these important points and refer to this list when you’re working on your design. The time will be well spent.

1. Is my ad copy written in a personal manner?

  • Write your message as if you were talking directly to a person, having a conversation. They’ll feel more comfortable reading what you have to say.

2.  I get to the point quickly?

  • Long introductions and flowery statements can cause your reader to lose interest. Tell them what they want to hear up front and they’ll want to know more.

3. Did I include complete contact information?

  • The more options that a prospect has to respond to your offer the better. Include email, fax and website information as well as your address and phone number.

4. Does my copy distinguish me from my competitors?

  • Mention one or two items that make your company better to deal with. Is your company better at solving known problems in your industry?

5. Does my ad copy contain strong, factual statements?

  • Empty boasting and ambiguous promises can weaken your message if the prospect is looking for proof that you can deliver what you are offering.

7.  Do I include selling elements?

  • Good ads are strategically written. Use the proven structure of an introduction, offer, benefits, details and a call to action.

8. Are my format and design easy to read?

  • Advertising is meant to communicate a message to a potential customer. Don’t make it difficult for them.

9. Is my call to action specific?

  • Tell the prospect how to move forward, what you want them to do and, if applicable, who to contact.

Helping you put together an effective mailing campaign is part of the service that we offer. All you have to do is provide us with your text. We’ll handle the rest. Call us today to get started!

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