Direct mail for charter schools

The Charter School Industry is becoming increasing competitive. Public, Private and Charter schools battle for the same shrinking number of dollars. And as they do, more marketing directors are discovering that direct mail for charter schools gives them a distinct advantage over the competition. No other type advertising can target a specific audience like direct mail. Especially when it comes to reaching families with school age children living near by.

Accurate Mailing Services has been mailing for Charter Schools in Arizona since 1995 – when they first opened. Since those early years , advances in technology in various related industries has allowed us to find children by their exact age, gender  family income or in any type of neighborhood.

Or neighborhood marketing  techniques use cutting edge technology to find more children, in any given area, than any standard demographic list on the market. That’s a bold statement – but we can back it up. Most of the schools that we talk to, think they are reaching their market – but sadly they are actually missing more opportunities than they are reaching. On average, most schools mail to the right area but miss 70% of the kids they’re trying to reach. It sounds ridicules, but it’s true. Call us and we’ll explain how that happens.

We can probably all agree that direct mail for charter schools is the way to get new students. But if you’re not using the mail efficiently – it may not be working as well as it could be.

Call Accurate Mailing to find out why: 877-433-9101

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