Use Direct Mail to Keep Your Customers Happy

A low-cost direct mail program can help Customer Retention

A low-cost direct mail program can help you accomplish your customer retention goal. Keeping your customer base loyal to your business is cheaper than advertising for new ones. And a referral sale is the sweetest sale of all. A low-cost direct mail program can help you accomplish your customer retention goal.  Take a moment now to discover how to keep your customers away from the clutches of your competitors and bring in referrals at the same time.

High Cost of Getting New Customers

Getting new customers is expensive.  Let’s say you spend $500 for an ad and you get 10 calls.  That’s $50 per lead.  If 3 out of the 10 calls turns into a sale, the cost for each sale would be about $166! That can get expensive. Especially during slow periods. Now do your own math. Roughly, how much are you spending on each new customer? How much per sale?

You’ll always require new customers to grow your business. That’s just the cost of staying in business.  And it is expensive to get new customers. All the more reason to protect that investment. So, you’ll need to keep the ones you have to maintain growth in your business. And while you can’t keep them all, smart entrepreneurs know how important it is to keep as many of them as possible. Direct mail is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do that.

Low Cost of Customer Retention

Did you compute your cost to get a new customer? Now compare that to a 35¢ stamp to send your customers a postcard. Which is cheaper?

Every now and again, send your customers a postcard or a flyer or even a personal letter.  By letting them know that you value their business, you’ll build loyalty and goodwill. And by giving them special offers, they’ll feel that much more appreciated and more likely to respond by spending their money with you.  The more consistent you are with your contact – the more consistent your cash flow will be.

Building Referrals

By keeping your name in front of your prospects and customers, your business is more likely to be referred. People often hesitate to refer a business to a friend or a family member if they haven’t had a recent experience.  Your mailings will be that recent connection with your business and they will be more likely to remember your name and share other details with enthusiasm.

Using Our Mailing Services

About half of the mail that we process for businesses is sent to our private mailing lists. Our customers send emails to their customers and generate more leads regularly. Many send something out once a month or once every three months.

They use our services because they save money and bring consistency to their marketing efforts. Most business owners are aware of the need to stay in contact with their customers, but few do. Accurate Mailing Services can help you bring consistency to your marketing efforts. Plus we’ll do all the work and you’ll save the money.

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