A perfect opportunity to use direct mail

Not too long ago, direct mail advertisers were battling for visibility in the mail box. There use to be a handful of mail, every day, at your home and at the office. That’s not true these days. Now it might be days before you get any mail.  And while that’s bad news for the post office, it’s the perfect time for small businesses to increase sales by using direct mail.

Because of the decreased volume, your direct mail piece is more likely to be seen than ever before. It’s like being the only full page ad in the newspaper.

And right now there’s a perfect opportunity for small businesses to break into direct mail – before it gets crowded again. In direct mail timing is important.

Direct Mail Marketing

Here’s what’s happening …

In an attempt to bolster revenue, the Post Office has announced plans to advertise heavily to promote the use of direct mail by small businesses. When they do, its likely that the volume of mail will increase. And so will the battle for visibility in the mail box.

So don’t miss this window of opportunity to establish your business in niche or neighborhood markets with direct mail. Do it now, before the field becomes crowded again. And by the way – it’s already started. Bulk mail advertising is up 3% this year. A modest increase, for sure, but the direction is clear. So don’t just sit there – get in now while you can be noticed. Call Accurate Mailing Services to get started today. Toll-free: 877-433-9101

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