Personalized Landing Page for your Direct Mail Campaign

Optimize your Conversion Rate with a  Personalized Landing Page

With a personalization alone you can easily elevate a lower conversion rate of 5% into an average of more than 20%!

When we look at the market today, we can see a real shift toward online research for offline shopping for all sorts of products. There are a lot of reasons why online research before shopping has become so popular, but one of the biggest is the ability to quickly and simply compare options and learn about who you’re buying from.

This is also true about direct mail marketing. AIS Media studied the responses of people who received direct mail, 32% are turning to search engines to start research right away, while 59% say that they are more likely to visit a website than call the company.

It’s a fact, sending a mailpiece means you will be Googled. However, Google is not out to help you build your brand for free. There are likely many other companies with many similar offers that your prospects might see. So, how do you keep their attention on you and your products? You need to create a controlled environment, such as a stand-alone page or URL that links to your website.  

In the past, the main response methods for recipients were to pick up the phone and call or utilize a response card within the mailer. Nowadays the way we respond to marketing is vastly different. Due to the high saturation of advertising we see every day, we now need to do more research to find the best deals for our needs. Providing a link to your website in your mailer is a great start, but what if your recipient is only looking for the specific information relevant to your mailer? You can create a personalized landing page, just for your specific offer/mailer!


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The Right Information in the Right Place

What kind of information are customers looking for before making a purchase?

  • Product Reviews / Testimonials: Customers will read any reviews that are available for your product or service. They can also help you figure out what works and what needs to be improved. According to a report published by Bazaarvoice titled “The ROBO Economy – Research Online, Buy Offline”, 88% of customers say that they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. That’s a big deal!  
  • Value: everyone is constantly looking for a way to save some scratch without sacrificing quality. Show your audience how your product is the best value at its price point.
  • Features & Benefits: what stands out about your product? What do you have that others may not? Use your landing page to show this information. What can your customers expect and look forward to when using your product or service?
  • Simple Layout: Use an easy to digest format to further simplify the landing page. Create features such as bulleted text, organized tabs, and bold headlines to grab their attention and quickly communicate ideas.  
  • Finally, set up a landing page that matches the creative vision of your direct mail piece, assuring your visitors that they are in the right place.


Personalized Landing Pages Drives Higher Conversions

The more relevant the landing page to your visitors, the more effective. Personalized landing pages result from personalized advertising that uses insights into who a customer might be to increase the relevancy of an ad.

These insights come from all sorts of information that marketers can gather about their potential customers: from geolocation and basic demographics to their shopping habits and niche interests.

A personalized landing page provides personal user experience and focuses on only one offer.

The benefits of a personalized landing page are hard to beat:

  • Personalized landing pages drive lead generation that you can further segment and build on.
  • Collect valuable information about your prospects, and use them to better understand what types of visitors are responding better to your campaign.
  • Gather contact details to reach your audience digitally through other, more handy channels like email marketing and social media.
  • Personalized landing pages are a crucial tool for optimizing your conversion rates. With a personalization alone you can easily elevate a lower conversion rate of 5% into an average of more than 20%!


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How to Effectively Personalize Landing Pages

One way to personalize your landing page is to tailor it to a specific set of keywords that a website visitor might use when searching for a solution. For instance, someone searching for “backpacking tours” is sent to a different landing page than someone searching for “hiking trails,” because they are likely only interested in the features related to their specific interests.

Another way is geo-targeting your visitors. Geo-targeting brings uses things that the audience is familiar with such as names and photos of their town, local celebrities, local currency or teaming with local businesses.

A common way to personalize landing pages is to collect user-generated content (UGC) by asking questions and creating a customized profile page. With the user-generated information, you will be able to create a personalized experience and an email with relevant product suggestions in your follow-up email marketing campaigns.


With the rapid development of information technology in our world, personalized content and landing pages become increasingly effective and accessible. Use all personal data available to improve your customers’ experience and gather more. Never forget to test, test and test even more until you find the marketing tools that fit you best.

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