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Postcard Mail Marketing Services

Direct mail postcards are the most popular mail pieces sent without an envelope. The main advantage of sending a postcard is the postage rate – it is much lower than sending a letter. A well-design postcard can be extremely effective and result in a positive return on investment.

According to the 2018 DMA Response Rate Report, direct mail response rates come in at 9% to a house list and 5% to a prospect list. The 2017 report showed a response rate of 5.1% to a house list and 2.9% to a prospect list. This is a huge REVIVAL of DIRECT MAIL!

Postcard Marketing

Full Color Postcard Mailings

Full-color Postcard Mailings From 26¢ Each* - Including Postage!

Standard Postcard Sizes Are

Full-color postcards from Accurate Mailing are beautifully printed with vibrant inks on extra heavy (14 points) card stock. We include full-color printing on both sides of your postcard plus a glossy UV coating to make your offer look like a million bucks.

Accurate makes postcard marketing easy – from start to finish. And the price is right. We’re one of the lowest priced postcard mailers in the country. Let us quote your next project and we’ll prove it. Our estimate will include everything you need for a complete postcard mailing program, including the lowest possible postage rates. Internet Special starting at only 26¢ each!*

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* based on printing and mailing a 4.25″ X 6″ full-color postcard to our specially sorted “Resident” mailing list. Optional design services available.

Postcard Mailings
dental direct mail postcards

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Postcard Marketing

“Postcard marketing offers small and large companies a powerful punch at a surprisingly low cost. Cheap and effective means a bigger bang for your marketing buck.”

You have a lot of choices when it comes to advertising. And these days the hi-tech methods are getting lots of press. You’ll hear a lot about Websites and SEO, social networking and just recently, cell phone text ads.  But these methods can be expensive or require specialized knowledge. And they’re not the only way to get your message out.

You might be looking for a low tech, low-cost solution to your marketing challenges. Consider the simple, old fashion postcard. Postcard marketing offers small and large companies a powerful punch at a surprisingly low cost. Cheap and effective means a bigger bang for your marketing buck.

Postcards have many advantages over other advertising.

Postcards are easy to read – even at a glance if they’re designed properly. Since there’s no envelope to open, there’s nothing to block what you have to say to your prospect. They don’t have to put forth any effort to read your message.

Postcards are far less intrusive than email. And it takes more than a click of a mouse to throw them in the trash. When placed on counters or desks they often catch the eye of another person – giving you another opportunity at gaining a new customer.

Unlike e-mail, postcards can vary in the texture of the paper, the gloss and come in many sizes. While full-color postcards are popular, some companies choose to stand out from the crowd with basic designs like our Big Yellow Postcard, the worlds cheapest!

So while the world looks to complicated marketing solutions, consider the simple and easy path of powerful a powerful postcard campaign.

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