How to Get a High Direct Mail Response Rate

How to Get a High Direct Mail Response Rate One of the things that our clients ask about the most when considering a mailing campaign are the direct mail response rate. It is critical data for [...]


Direct Mail for Dentists: Finding Success With Postcards

Many dentists are discovering the magic of direct mail all over again. With the allure of “affordability” of email marketing and social media, some have realized you get what you pay [...]


Undelivered Mail – USPS Releases Data

USPS Shares New UAA Data The United States Postal Service® (USPS®) shared updated data from a 2010 Undelivered As Addressed (UAA) study at the recent Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee [...]


Mailing List Requirements – Move Update Standards

All bulk mailings using customer supplied lists now require a USPS-approved method for updating movers. There are a few options available.