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Brochures are efficient and versatile. With a classic tri-fold business brochure, you can promote a business, sell a service or a product, raise awareness or champion a cause.

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Brochures are an affordable and effective method of advertising and expressing your message by using compartmentalized sections that allow you to use include plenty of graphics and information. You can find them everywhere you go. So why not start creating your own?

If your company hasn’t one yet and you are about to announce your new product, make it real with a visually engaging brochure. Save anybody’s time and tell in seconds why your clients should buy from you.

A brochure gives you more space to showcase your products and services and, besides, to educate them on benefits and features as well. Keep them informed with your next promotions, events and latest trends related to your offering with a well-designed brochure and catchy print finishes.

Brochures provide plenty of space for elegant images and descriptive messages. And can be found everywhere – at doctors offices, farmers trade shows, hotel receptions or chic events.

You can hand them out outside your shop, giveaway with some samples at exhibitions or mail to a selected list of prospects. Brochures and leaflets are a friendly budget option to promote your business. 

Choose the paper that is appropriate to your project. If it’s for a nonprofit charity or a political party, a premium paper seems to be a waste of money, doesn’t it?  As far as the paper is concerned, consider that:

  • It’s best to use the coated paper for its glare surface that makes images sharp and bright.
  • The uncoated paper has a more natural feel that makes it ideal for brochures with a lot of text or reading materials.
  • Coated matte paper is recommended when images and text are both critical for the project. The text on this paper is easy to read, while images look soft and smooth.
  • Coated gloss paper has a shiny reflective finish, and works best in combination with metallic inks. Choose coated gloss for when you want to show off the color.

Accurate Mailing Services provides a variety of brochure sizes. 

A standard brochure (tri-fold brochure) is an 8.5” by 11” sheet folded into 3 sections.           

  • Tri-Fold: This brochure is the industry standard for a general brochure that can be utilized for any project imaginable. You have 3 sections inside and 3 sections outside to express your message!
  • Double Parallel: This brochure is great for a large amount of information and graphics. You have 4 sections on the inside and outside, rather than 3, to express your different ideas to your audience!
  • French Fold: This piece starts out the size of a brochure but unfolds into a booklet and then opens up to the size of a poster. This fold is great for informative documents, magazine spread style ads, or whatever you want to create!

Typically brochures are 8.5” x 11” or 11” x 17” but we offer an array of different sizes if these do not fit your need.  

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