A mailing house prepares direct mail for submitting to the USPS to get lower postage rates.

mailing houseIs a direct mail house or a bulk mailing house a super-secret place built by crafty marketing engineers requiring strict security clearance to gain access? Sounds good, but no.

The term “mail house”  or “mailing house” was first introduced in 1956 by the Heidelberg News Magazine and it’s an expression that is now used for mail, print, and postage industries.

More commonly called a “letter shop” or “direct mail services company”. A mail house is simply another way of referring to a company that prepares direct mail for submitting to the United States Post Office (USPS) to get lower postage rates.

Some mail houses specialize in specific direct mail niches like postcards. Some are broader and laser print variable data letters to insert, or stuff, into envelopes. And others are full service all the way to fulfillment which is when the job requires a lot of labor or handwork.

Why you should use a mail house for your direct mailing campaigns

It is highly recommended to use a professional mail house when you have over 200 pieces or when you have variable data. A mail House is cost effective vs using staff or volunteers because:

Accurate Mailing Services as a full-service mailing house
Accurate Mailing Services is a direct mail marketing company, you can also call us a mail house. We design, print, and mail for you or receive your pre-printed material and mail it out.

Accurate Mailing Services can also print labels, direct imprint on envelopes, as well as match letters and content to the envelope so all the pieces have the same individual’s name on them.

You can use all of our services, from designing to mailing and avoid mistakes that can occur when using multiple vendors. Or, we can work with your printer and your designer so that your mailing can be processed efficiently and to post office standards.

Accurate Mailing Services is a full-service mail house. We provide:

Data Management Service

We compile mailing lists from a variety of sources, including corporate filings, public records, national directories, direct mail surveys, and multiple databases. All lists are up-to-date and meet or exceed both industry and post office standards.

We offer Business, Consumer and Resident Mailing Lists:

Mailing list cleanup services. Using clean-up and scrubbing technologies we remove duplicate records and standardize delivery addresses on any list that we mail. Also, we compare lists to the National Change of Address database to comply with standards set by the post office. This saves money and reduced error sending mail to bad addresses.

Printing and Mailing  Solutions

We offer a range of color and mono print solutions from a wide range of printing devices. Variable data printing options are available for personalization. In addition to our postcard programs, we print and mail envelopes, merge letters, and flyers. We’re a one-stop solution for many direct mail projects.

We sort and address business mail and save money on postage, by preparing mailing projects for bulk postage rates. That’s about half the price of regular first-class postage.

Our mailing and printing services include:

Postage Solutions. We offer a range of tailored solutions for local and national postage. We deliver at standard postage, offering at a minimum, discounts. In many cases, we are able to reduce mailing costs by at least 50%. Our services include delivery to the post office and receipt of the confirmation documents.

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