Addressing Rules for Large, Flat Mail Pieces

The USPS has released new address standards for commercial flat mail.

What is Flat mail?

Flat mail is a mail piece that is larger than 6.125 inches high or wider than 11.5 inches long.  Magazines, catalogs and large envelopes are considered flat mail.  If you have questions about your mail, please call us.

Address Must Be On Top Half Of Piece

Where’s the top? Find the spine!

  • The top of a Self-Mailer, Catalog or Magazine is the upper edge of the piece when the spine or folded edge is placed on the right.
  • The top of an ENVELOPE or piece with no spine is:
    Either of the shorter edges regardless of horizontal or vertical orientation.

The orientation of the address

The address can be displayed vertically or horizontally on the mail piece, but cannot be placed upside-down against the top of the piece.

Using large mail pieces can give you a marketing advantage simply because flat mail will be seen by the recipient easier than smaller mail pieces such as postcards.

However, if flat mail is addressed incorrectly the entire mailing could be rejected by the Post Office.

In most cases, Accurate Mailing Services will be applying the addresses so it’s important that the design of the mail piece allows it to be addressed properly.

That’s why we ask that you check with us before you go to press to avoid any potential problems.

Always send Accurate Mailing Services a proof before going to press

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