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Move Update Standards

Important: The Post Office has implemented new mailing list requirements in order for mailers to receive the lowest postage rates. One of the biggest changes is that all discounted postage mailings must comply with a new MOVE UPDATE standard. If you supply a list that fails to meet the standards it can result in a surcharge.

The Post Office will scan a sampling of your mail when it presented and compare the NAMES and ADDRESSES on it to what they show in their records as being correct. If too many addresses do not match their records, they will assess a penalty.

You MUST select one of the following options if you wish to mail at discounted First-Class or Standard Bulk Rates:

1. Add the words “Or Current Occupant”


Robert Smith
or current occupant
123 Main St
Phoenix AZ 85011

This is the easiest to implement, costs nothing and ensures delivery to the address without regard to the name. Bulk mail is normally disposed of if the name in the post office system is different than what appears on the mail piece. By adding “Or Current Occupant”, the piece will be delivered, regardless of the name. This option is the only method to absolutely avoid a surcharge. And it’s something that we can do during processing at NO CHARGE.

2. Add the words “Return Service Requested”

By adding “Return Service Requested” to the mail piece, the post office will return undeliverable mail to you at FIRST-CLASS rates.  You can then keep your database current. However, if your list has not been updated in a while, or if too many on it have recently moved, you may still have a surcharge assessed to your mailing.

Using “Return Service Requested” does require a proper return address and special placement. Please contact us so we can review your artwork before going to press.

3. National Change of Address / Move Update

With this method we digitally compare the names and addresses on your list to the electronic records at the Post Office, updating the names and addresses when matches are found. There is a small fee for this service. Please call for current pricing.

Please call us with any questions. 1-877-433-9101

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