5 Great  Business Postcards Examples  for Small Businesses

5 Great  Business Postcards Examples  for Small Businesses

If you are running a business, one of the best ways of reaching people is through business postcards mailing.  With bold images and a condensed message, postcards are a great way to expand your business, reach your community, or let people know about your events. Not sure how to get started on your postcard, or what elements to include? Fear not! We here at Accurate Mailing Services have put together a list of different business postcards examples and tips for getting started.

1. Event Postcard

Postcards are a great way to advertise your special event or opening. A well-designed postcard will “save the date” for your event and will serve as a great souvenir for your attendees. Since postcards are a smaller canvas, it is important to focus on the most important details of your event. Who, what, where, and when should be the focus of the postcard you are sending. It is also a good idea to include a short message to your recipients to really make your invitations special. Sometimes a simple, “we can’t wait to see you there,” is all that it takes to get people excited for your event.  

Paper recommendation: event postcards work best on matte cardstock, it gives your card a more casual and personal feel, and helps it stand out from the rest of the glossy mail in their mailbox.

2. Branding & Identity Postcards

A classy tagline, a  logo, and the name of your business: these are critical elements of your branding postcard. The most important thing when building your postcard is to display what makes you unique, what makes your business stand out. Including special offers, coupons, or your featured products gives people a good look into what your business has to offer. Whether you run a boutique, a home business, or a private practice, branding postcards are a great way to reach potential clients.  

Paper recommendation: Since branding postcards are likely your first impression it’s important to make them look polished and stand out. Using a nice gloss coated paper will make it smooth and clean. Use UV spotting for a selective shine that will really make your card pop.

3. The Promotional Postcard

Postcards remain one of the most effective promotional materials for a reason: They are simple. Postcards are easy for customers to read and easy for you to make and send. Using the standard 3 1/2” x 5” size for postcard makes them handy as they fit easily in mailboxes, pockets or folders. A high-quality image with higher than 300 dpi resolution will make a big difference. Use your own photos or purchase stock images to avoid any possible copyright issues. Give your postcard a compelling headline, a list of benefits, and your featured products. Attract new customers with a tempting offer and incentivize them to “act now”.

Paper recommendation: for promotional postcards use a glossy, less durable paper so that it is easy for customers to fold and keep in their pocket or purse for reference.

4. Leave Behinds Postcard

A leave behind postcard is a business card that you give to a client after a meeting, or leave on a table at networking events. Designed to impress potential clients, these postcards leave a good impression while making it easy for potential clients to reach you. A leave behind should showcase a featured item from your portfolio along with your company and contact information.  Leave behind cards can be passed along in person, through the mail, or digitally downloaded. Make your card unique and memorable so that you stand out.

Paper recommendation: Use a nice matte card and make use of UV spotting to create unique effects for a truly unique card.

5. Art Postcards

Are you planning to showcase your artwork in a gallery or exhibition? Do you run a gallery or exhibition? If so then postcard mailing is the perfect way to get people interested in your viewing. Use elements like a catchy headline and tagline to grab the reader’s interest and set the tone for your business.  Using high-quality graphics and photos of your art or gallery space will allow your postcard to stand out and speak for itself. It is important to also add a call to action for your showcase attendees to:

  • Place an order
  • Donate
  • Visit your website
  • Bring friends
  • Take advantage of discounts.

Paper recommendation: use a thick, glossy cardstock with art postcards for a polished and professional look.

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As you can see there are a variety of postcards with a variety of uses. As you begin creating your postcard mailing, focus on having strong graphics and images. Work with your printer to find the paper and finish that best suits your postcard. Most importantly, create a postcard that is unique and makes your event or business stand out from the rest.

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