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5 Stories of Great Inspiration for Your Next Direct Mail Campaign

Tasked with implementing your company’s direct mail campaign? If you’re not sure what to send, it can be helpful to learn from the successes of others. Whether you’re sending flowers, Valentine’s Day card or tips for removing stains, we’ve got some case studies to inspire you.

1. A Carpet Cleaning Service – Advice from the Experts

A company that cleans and restores rugs and carpets in the DC metro area called a direct mail house to help them to grow their customer base.
The company sent seasonal campaigns to remind customers to clean their rugs, including helpful tips, for example how to remove stains, which helped to establish its authority as an expert in this niche.
The results were undeniable “If I wasn’t sending direct mail out consistently, we wouldn’t have been growing for the past 30 years”, said the manager of the company. The carpet cleaning business has flourished for the past 30 years and attributes its success to postcard marketing. On one campaign, the company spent $13,950 and generated $224,500 in revenue, a 1,509% return on investment!

2. A Nonprofit Watchdog Group -Letter and Membership Form

This non-profit group sent an envelope with a one-page letter and a membership form to 2k+ taxpayers. The letter included the history and the purpose of the association, examples of what they accomplished, and a call to action – “fill out the membership form and send it in with your dues”. They succeed to collect, with a 10% response rate to their letter campaign, $4,000 in membership dues and a 285% Return on Investment!

3. A Management Software Company – A Bouquet of Roses

A management software company ran a highly targeted campaign, sending a bouquet of flowers directly to their premium prospects (top 500) together with a handwritten miniature card and a personalized URL. Alongside this campaign, they sent 1500 Valentine’s Day cards to their prospects, directing them to their personalized landing page. The biggest problem with direct mail is getting people to open mail, but who can ignore a big bouquet of roses? The company followed this campaign up with an email campaign referencing flowers again and redirecting the prospects to their web pages. So, they received 450 responses, generating 7 qualified sales of more than $ 370,000.

4. A Data Protection Company – Expensive Incentives

A data protection company implemented a multi-channel campaign centered around a dimensional mailer. They sent their high-value prospects one email that introduced the campaign and 2 direct mail pieces that drove to a 30-minute phone conversation with the sales department. Even having used expensive incentives, an Atari game console replicator, the total direct mail effort drove a 700% return on investment!

5. A World Vehicle Manufacturer – Balloons!

A world famous vehicle manufacturer invited its customers to the opening of its showroom in a creative way. They put balloons inside boxes and attached tags to the balloons strings, delivering the company’s message together with the invitation to the event, and sent the boxes to 100 customers. What an inventive way of achieving attendance at a business event!

To sum it up, a creative eye-catching direct mail campaign engages the audience and makes emotional connections by leading to a strong call to action. Whether you send flowers, balloons or letters, a creative campaign can build a company’s brand awareness and bring on higher customer response. Just be creative!

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