Direct Mail for Dentists: Finding Success With Postcards

Many dentists are discovering the magic of direct mail all over again. With the allure of “affordability” of email marketing and social media, some have realized you get what you pay for. After two years of struggling with online marketing, many have seen huge drops in sales. That’s when they return to the tried and true direct mail for dentists and postcard marketing.

Not every dental office has seen success with direct mail, but you can learn from their mistakes, and learn from those smart offices who’ve done great. Here are three easy tips to make sure your direct mail campaign comes out on top.

1. Make Sure You Target Your Ideal Market

Targeting the right people is the single most important aspect of direct marketing. If you miss your demographic, nothing else matters. There are a few factors to making sure your ideal market is reached:

Geography: Targeting Your Own Neighbors

This one may seem obvious but it isn’t. Many times when you think about where your customers come from you might say, “They come from all over”. A closer look and you’ll see a majority of your patients will be from your own backyard. While Susie Q may travel 30 miles because of your exceptional service, she is usually the exception. Many people will look for a dentist near their home so be sure to target areas that are nearby and avoid areas farther away.

Demographics: Do you target kids? Seniors? Etc

If your office specializes in a service, you may find it more beneficial to target the people who are most likely to need you. Cosmetic dentists may want to target people with a higher income and Orthodontists will probably do well-targeting homes with children. If you aren’t sure what type of market you should go after, just look through your own patient list and look for common qualities. Direct mail for dentists can precisely target the demographics that are most likely to be your steady customers.

2. You Need A Great Offer

It seems many dentists are afraid of using a low price point on their marketing. One secret shared to us from a successful direct marketing dentist was his use of a very appealing offer. His goal was to get people in the chair with a low price cleaning, then, as his new client, they are more likely to come back for other services as well. You want to lower the barrier to get your new patient in the door and then keep them coming back with your excellent service (and of course, great smile). Successful direct mail for dentists uses price points wisely.

3. Don’t Give Up, Keep At It, Keep Mailing

Repetition is key in marketing. Do you remember that one guy you met at a party once? Probably not. The more times you meet him, the more likely you are going to remember his name (and probably like him too). This is the same for advertising. Many dentists are going to advertise, but only the most successful advertise consistently. The more you market, the more familiar you will seem. The more familiar you are, the more your future patients will trust you.

When all three of these tips are used, you will have a prospective patient who trusts your brand, needs your service and has no reason not to try you out since your offer is so great. These are your three keys to a successful direct mail campaign.

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