Neighborhood Newsletters Help Communities Fight Crime

Citizens of various communities in Arizona and around the country come together to form Block Watch and Neighborhood Association groups. These groups play a vital role in promoting crime prevention and distributing information to enhance community awareness on many levels. Accurate Mailing has a tradition of supporting neighborhood groups with our graphic design, printing and newsletter mailing services. A neighborhood newsletter is a great way to keep the community informed about upcoming events, crime reports and articles in the public interest. Best of all, a regular newsletter builds community awareness and support for important issues.

A Regular Newsletter Helps to Prevent Crime

Today’s Block Watch and neighborhood associations are quite different than they were in the past. Instead of designated individuals ‘patrolling’ daily at different times, the entire community is encouraged to look for suspicious vehicles and strangers. A regular newsletter can include instructions on the proper action to take when suspicious activity is noticed. In addition, articles about practical home security measures help to deter criminal activity.

A popular newsletter item is the monthly Crime Report. Available from most local police precincts, publishing it lets neighbors know what types of crimes have occurred and how they might better protect themselves.

Neighborhood newsletters encourage folks to socialize by organizing meetings and ‘get togethers’  with their neighbors. In this way they get to know more about each other and the vehicles that are usually at their homes. If they see something out of the ordinary, the newsletter contains the phone numbers of the police and other departments. Newsletters for Block Watch and neighborhood groups have been proven to help prevent crime and, in many cases, actually catch criminals.

Accurate Mailing’s Newsletter Service
Seeing the need for a newsletter is one thing. Putting together all that’s necessary to get it out is another. That’s where Accurate Mailing Services can help. Our staff has the expertise to design, typeset, print and mail your newsletters in a timely manner. Since we’ve worked with a number of neighborhood groups over the years, we’re familiar with every step in the process and can fulfill all or any part of what you may need. Call us today to discuss the particulars of your neighborhood newsletter and let’s see how we can can help.

Public Funding for Neighborhood Newsletters
Community Development Block Grants are available for projects in many cities. For example, we have worked with several neighborhood groups that receive funds that are distributed through the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department.

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