What is Every Door Direct Mail and Will it Work for You?

The United State Post Office is promoting a new program for businesses called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). USPS EDDM Program is designed to reduce postage costs for businesses that wish to reach potential customers in their immediate marketing area.

Businesses register with the Post Office and then use an online mapping tool to identify mail delivery areas and the number of active residents and businesses. Special paperwork is required for Every Door Direct, also generated online, and the mail must be bundled by routes and marked accordingly.

Mail pieces in this program cannot be addressed individually. Since they are delivered to Every Door within a mail route, simplified addressing such as, “Postal Customer”,  is printed on each piece.

EDDM is advertised as a tool to help small businesses reduce their local marketing postage costs. But there are key elements to the program that you should know about:

  • Mail pieces must be of the larger (FLAT) type
  • Entire carrier routes must be mailed to
  • Mail must be brought directly to the local destination Post Office(s)
  • Registration and authorization is required
  • Each mailing must be mapped and geographically limited to 5,000 pieces
  • Paperwork and bundle labels (facing slips) must be printed


The primary benefit of the Every Door Direct Mail program is lower postage. But working with the post office can be confusing,  frustrating and time-consuming. Our mailing service can help you get even lower postage rates and you won’t have to hassle with the post office or fill out a single form.

Target Market versus Mass Markets

Newspaper, radio, and TV can be very expensive and out of reach for small businesses. And the majority of the audience may be out of your marketing area. That means that the cost of the leads that you do bring in is significantly higher than it needs to be. Where using Direct Mail to target market sends your offer to specific neighborhoods, income and age groups, within a designated area.

Targeting your efforts will give you more bang for your buck and more control over your budget. And you’ll have a better shot at getting immediate results.

So, what’s your target market? The closest homes? Other businesses? Families with children? Senior citizens? Whatever it is, Accurate Mailing Services will help you reach it for the lowest possible price.

So call Accurate Mailing today. Let’s discuss your marketing plans and determine if EDDM or target mailing is the right choice for your business.

Accurate Mailing Services, Inc.: 602-433-9101 or Toll-free at 877-433-9101

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