3-Step Formula to Write a Successful Mail Copy

The Copywriting Formula

There are a lot of copywriting formulas out there for a good reason. A copywriting formula gives you a framework to get started, and helps organize your message and generate new ideas.

Here is the most popular formula: used for crafting messages in digital and traditional marketing, from social media posts to fundraising and sales letters. The PAS formula stands for Problem, Agitation, and Solution.  

First, you need to identify a problem or a pain point that keeps your prospect awake at night. Then agitate the problem gently,  push that button until it becomes painful. Elaborate and amplify the problem, explaining why your reader should care. But, don’t agitate too much. There must be a solution, a way out! Finally, you must provide your solution, that is one of its benefits of whatever your product may be. So, how do you develop your PAS formula?

1) What problem are you solving for the recipient?

Grab your reader’s attention immediately.  In our densely informative world in which everyone has a message, you need to grab your target audience’s attention in a way that is relevant to them. So, address their problems and pain points. Define the problem in the simplest way possible, often in a single sentence. For instance: “Finding the  perfect venue for your once in a lifetime event can be stressful, too stressful to do it alone!”

2) Why should the reader care?

After stating the problem, write a few sentences to elaborate on the problem. Provide some relevant details that explain why your reader should care. Cut all the unnecessary details that don’t lead to your call to action. “Hunting down all the options available and ending up with checking out all the venus already booked for the entire season? How could you make your special event even possible?”

3) How can your reader get involved?

In the end, reveal the solution to make everyone feel better. Here you can tell them about your irresistible offer and how they can take action right away. It could include a discount, a first free service, or something that would be considered of high value in your niche. So make it relevant, attractive and limited time only!

“At amazingweeding.com we can find the perfect location, wherever you dream – on the top of a mountain or on an exotic sunny beach. The first 10 orders get 15% off. Call us Today, the best locations are going fast.”  

Don’t be pushy, but be assertive in your message. And remember, copywriting formulas work best when based on thorough research.

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