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Is Accurate Mailing Services a postcard printer?

AccurateAZ is a direct mail company

Last night I posted a little ditty about postcard marketing. Today I was working on new prices for our Big Yellow Card program (lowering them in case you’re interested) and a question came to mind: Has Accurate Mailing turned into a postcard printer? Seems like we print a lot of postcards around here. But the answer is no.  Even though we’ve printed millions of postcards.

Accurate is a direct mail advertising company. We help our customers solve real marketing and advertising problems. Business owners consult with us to plan direct mail campaigns for maximum impact and cost efficiency. We take the time to listen to their objectives and guide them through the many options that direct mail provides.

This week we helped a roofing company reach homes that were affected by the October 5th hail storm in Phoenix. Not only did we send the offer to a specific area that was affected by the storm – but we avoided certain roof types that offered no opportunity for them.

Last week the owner of a dance studio wanted to reach the families of school-aged children  – but he only teaches girls. Not only did we send his offer to families with girls, but we also qualified the family income to make sure they could afford the lessons. And of course, we sent the offer to homes that were closest to his dance studio.

The two examples above are similar to situations that we encounter daily. Now it so happens that we printed postcards for both campaigns. But the printing of the postcard, while important, was only part of the service that was needed for a successful direct mail campaign.

These days it seems like everybody postcard printer. And we do as well. But if your looking for a company to print your postcards why not find one that will do more for you than just put ink on paper. One that understands that the postcard is a means to an end – not the objective. After thinking about it, you might decide that what you need is the postcard printer – that’s not: Accurate Mailing Services – full-service direct mail.

Call us today at 1-877-433-9101 for more information.

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