Start A Pool Service Company with Direct Mail

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The struggling economy has taken it’s toll on home owners with pools. Many pool service companies have gone under and home owners are seeking good pool service companies. In Arizona, Nevada and Southern California the weather is already getting warm and many homeowners will soon be looking at pools that have turned green. The time is right for new pool service  companies to reach these desperate pool owners. There’s no better way to do that than with direct mail from Accurate Mailing Services.

Our pool owner mailing list, together with a powerful postcard mailing campaign, can build a new pool route almost overnight. We know where the the pools are and who has money. And if you have a specific area in mind just let us know.

Let’s begin by talking about the services that you offer. Do you do repairs? Are chemicals always included? Do you offer emergency service? Within a few minutes we’ll help you highlight some of the reasons why homeowners would like to use your pool service company. Then you can select the area that you want to build your route in. Next we put together a plan – within your budget – and the rest will be history.

Whether you want a small route or you’re looking to to take over the state, we can help you start or grow your pool service company. Call us today for more information about putting a direct mail postcard to work for your pool service business. 1-877-433-9101

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