Tabbing Rules for Self-mailer Booklet

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The post office considers a folded mail piece that is 6” x 10.5” or less, that has multiple pages and is bound or stitched, to be a self-mailer  ‘Booklet’. Special rules apply to mail pieces that are considered booklets by the post office. The rules can be quite confusing so it is best to call or email Accurate Mailing Services before you begin the design of your mail piece if it is to be folded and bound.

Tabbing Rules

  • Always contact Accurate before starting the design process and before going to press.
  • The folded edge of a booklet MUST be on the bottom or the right edge when looking at it from the addressing side.
  • Maximum height is 6 inches
  • Maximum Length is 9-10.5 inches depending on the weight of the cover stock
  • All Booklets will require 3 tabs
  • Magazines or similar sized pieces are not booklets.  These rules only apply to “Letter-Sized” pieces 6” tall x 10.5” long or less.


Pieces not meeting the new requirements will incur EXTREME postage increases.

Call Us Today. Let us help you avoid extreme postage rates. You’ll be glad you did! 1-877-433-9101

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