Direct Mail Planning Guide

Who cares about the name of your company?

Nobody. But especially your customers. Not in the big scheme of things anyway. What they do care about is what you can do for them.

Designing an ad with your company name as the headline may make you feel proud but it probably won’t get people excited. Well, unless your name happens to be “Everything Must Go” or “75% OFF!”

Whether your putting together an ad for the newspaper, a coupon book or a postcard mailer, you should make an attempt to answer the question, “What’s in this for me?” That’s what your potential customers want to know. The sooner you can tell them, the more successful your advertising is likely to be.

It’s called Benefit Selling and it will make a difference in the response that you get from your advertising.

If we design a postcard for you we’ll use it automatically unless you insist otherwise. After all, you might want to see your company name really, really big. I understand. / GB


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