Pricing For Your Bulk Mail Project

Bulk Mail Projects Can Be Printed & Mailed For Less Than The Cost Of A Regular First Class Stamp!

Understanding the ends and outs of bulk mail preparation and the various postage rates can be a daunting task. The government doesn’t make anything easy. That’s why using a good mail house (like us) can be especially important. And with just a little bit of knowledge on your part, there’s a lot of money to be saved.

It’s important to discuss your project with a mailing professional while it’s in the planning stages. There’s a lot at stake and many details to be considered. But putting details aside, every mailing project will have the following general costs:

1. Mailing List:
Who will be supplying the list? You can supply a list or you can use one of ours. List prices vary depending on the type of  list that you choose. Knowing about the mailing list will help to determine the quantity and the postage rates.

2. The Printed Material:
What type of mail piece do you plan to mail? Since we’re a mail house, we can mail almost anything at bulk rates. While we do print some things, most of our clients bring us their printed material. That can be newsletters, magazines, catalogs, postcards or a form letter. Almost anything. The type of mail piece used is based on a variety of factors including the budget.

3. Mailing Services
All bulk mailings require a certain amount of work in order to receive the discounted postage rates. Some mail pieces require more work than others. The cost of mail preparation is usually the smallest portion of a project, but it brings an immediate return. The Postage savings alone can be 6 times the cost! Without it, bulk mail discounts would be impossible to achieve.

4. Postage
Like most successful projects, it’s best to heavily consider the last item on the list and work backwards to get the best result. Everything above this point will affect the bulk postage rate.

So it’s just four items and there’s your budget. Now it’s time for some questions and to get the details. Call us today or submit the ready form below and let’s discuss what you have in mind. 1-877-433-9101

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