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Mailing? Call Now: 877-433-9101

Mailing? Call Now: 877-433-9101

Accurate Mailing Services


Family and Women, owned since 2000, we mail millions of direct mail pieces for Clients starting at 500 pieces and up. Your choice to partner with us confirms our status as an elite group of mailers in the United States to have achieved Seamless status with the United States Postal Service (USPS).

From startup businesses to major brands, our experienced and knowledgeable staff provides you peace of mind about your Direct Mail Campaign.

Our Direct Mail Services

Free Campaign Consultation

"direct mail campaign management"

Accurate Mailing Services provides you a free consultation for any direct mail campaign. You need results and we can help. Even if you do not use our services, we love to help so call us today.

Graphic Design Services

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In addition to our Postcard Programs, we design and mail envelopes, merge letters,  and flyers. We’re a one-stop solution for many direct mail projects.

Track Your Mail Delivery


Would you like to know where your mail is while traveling through the USPS system. We can do that so you know exactly where your mail is.

Variable Data Printing

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If you need One to One, variable data printing (VDP), personalized printing, or even variable data barcodes, Accurate Mailing Service makes it simple for you. 

Commercial Printing


Accurate Mailing offers several printing options and print-to-mail programs for your business. In addition to our Postcard Programs, we print and mail envelopes, merge letters,  and flyers. 

USPS Informed Delivery

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Informed Delivery provides scanned images of your incoming mail a day or two before it arrives in your mailbox. You can see the images via email or the Informed Deliver app right on your smartphone.

Save Money on Mailings

Come Shop With US! We have it all.

We have made it even easier for you to get the products and services you need. From mailing lists and bulk mailing to promotional items and advertising postcards, We have it all! Click below to explore more about us.

We do the work! You save the money!

Save up to 68% on postage with our bulk mail and every door mailing services. Learn about bulk mailing services and how they can help you and your business. Click below to learn How to Save Money with Bulk Mail.