Catalogs or Postcards? 7 Ways to Use Direct Mail for Your Business

Direct mail works. From catalogs to postcards, there are a number of ways to use direct mail to reach your target customer. When you choose the right format for your business and target customer, you can see a great return on investment. Not only will direct mail drive users to your store, but it can also increase your online traffic and engagement. We’ve outlined a few ways you can use direct mail for your business below:

1. Catalog of Products

Catalogs may seem old-school, but they actually remain a highly effective method of advertising. Catalogs serve as a useful method for presenting your products, showing them in use, and providing more information that your target customer needs in order to make an informed purchase. A study from the Data & Marketing Association indicates that the response rate for catalogs has increased in recent years, especially among millennials.

2. Discount and Special Offers

People love coupons. If you’ve got a new product, want to increase sales, or want to increase traffic to your business, an effective way to increase your leads is with a discount or special offer.

Not only can you provide discounts and special offers to your target audience, but you can also actually compete with your competitors’ coupons to provide a better value. Stay on top of what your competitors are doing. If you can provide a better value, there’s no better way to communicate that than with a coupon.

3. Useful Items and Tips

You don’t only want to send your audience sales-related material. You want to demonstrate that your business is of value to them. This is why sending out useful items and tips can be a great tactic. For example, if you own a home cleaning company, you can mail out a cleaning checklist. This may seem counterintuitive, but once the homeowners begin the checklist and realize they don’t have time to finish, your company will be the first name on their mind.

4. Samples

Free samples are a wonderful way to get the word out there about your product, especially if it is new. Sending a sample in the mail can guarantee that your users know all of the benefits of your products before purchasing.

5. Newsletters

Stay top of mind! According to a Bain & Company study, 60-80% of customers who describe themselves as satisfied didn’t go back to do more business with the company that initially satisfied them. This is often due to the fact that the brand didn’t establish a relationship with the consumer. They didn’t connect emotionally, and the consumer decided to go elsewhere.

Let your current customers know what is new with your business. This is an effective tactic for retaining customers and building relationships. If it’s relevant to your business, try sending out a quarterly newsletter to keep your customers apprised of what matters most.

6. Postcards

Postcards can be a cost-effective way of reaching your target customer with a meaningful message. They are always seen due to the fact that the messaging is out in the open. Better yet, you can use both the front and back of the postcard to drive home your message and encourage the user to take action.

Take advantage of this format by creating beautiful, compelling designs that draw attention to and support your messaging. A well-design postcard can be extremely effective and result in a positive return on investment.

7. Flyers

Do you have an event coming up? Send out a flyer to raise awareness! Whether it’s a community event, a sales promotion, or a ticketed event, you’ll want to get this information into the right hands. A targeted direct mail campaign will allow you to do this.

No matter which method of direct mail you choose to work with, there is something for every type of business out there. Define your goal, determine your budget, and choose the appropriate format to start connecting with your target audience as soon as possible. We’re here to help. If you have questions about the direct mail industry, we’d love to know.

Call us today at 602-433-9101 or send an email. Let’s work together for a prosperous 2018!


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