EDDM: Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Mail Plus

Postage Starts at only 15.7¢ each!

Targeted Local Direct Mail for Small Business

Every Door Mail Plus is better than EDDM alone. The EDM-Plus advantage allows you to add targeting by Age, Income and Households With Children. And you can select Single Family Homes or Apartments.

Mail Postcards, Flyers, Letters and More

Benefits of EDM-Plus

With EDM-Plus you can mail pretty much anything! While EDDM restricts the size of your mail, with EDM-Plus you can mail postcards, flyers, letters and more.

Mail Homes Closest To Your Location

Combine Strategies

Use Postcard Marketing plus EDDM or Every Door Mail Plus to let the people closet to your business know what you have to offer them.

EDDM Articles

Direct Mail to Your Target Market

More than any other type of advertising, Direct Mail  can reach those that are most likely to do business with you. That’s called target marketing. A good mailing list will place your offer [...]

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