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What is a Mail House?

Accurate Mailing Services is a direct mail marketing company, you can also call us a mail house. We design, print, and mail for you or receive your pre-printed material and mail it out.

Mailing Services

Accurate Mailing Services sort and address your business mail and you ’ll save money on postage.

Postage Services

Your mailing list must comply with this USPS requirement for all bulk mailers.

Printing Services

Printed pieces that require folding and are mailed without being in an envelope are generally called self-mailers.

Mailing Lists

Close more sales by using our premium mailing lists and sales leads.

Direct Mailing Campaign

Check out our helpful guides on how to set up a direct mail campaign.

  • Direct Mail in 10 Easy Steps

Every Door Direct Mail

The EDM-Plus advantage allows you to add targeting by Age, Income, and Households With Children.

Postcard marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to advertise in the mail effectively and at the most affordable level.

Accurate Mailing Services is proud to be the mailer of choice for church mailings and non-profit fundraising in Arizona